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Weekly Music Picks: Ekali, Borgeous, Brohug, ARMNHMR and More

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Writer: Anwil, Editor: Eddie | October 31st, 2019

New Song Recommendations

10/24 Ekali - Back To You (feat. Kiiara)

Canadian producer Ekali has been making electronic music since 2014. He's best known for his unique original sound, as well as his remix of the Flux Pavilion track I Can't Stop. This week Ekali released the new track Back To You, for which he collaborated with American singer-songwriter Kiiara, whose single Gold reached number 12 on Billboard's Hot 100 and who also provided vocals for the Linkin Park single Heavy. The song featured on the album One More Light, which was lead vocalist Chester Bennington's last before his death two years ago.

10/25 ZHU, partywithray - Came For The Low

Grammy award-winning producer ZHU shot to fame with his track Faded back in 2014, choosing to keep his identity close to his chest so that people could focus their attention solely on his music. Last week he teamed up with partywithray and dropped Came For The Low, pairing it with an Area-51 inspired music video— pretty fitting for 2019. The biggest surprise was undoubtedly the appearance of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang who crops up right at the end, check out the full version below to see for yourself.

10/25 Steve Aoki, Bassjackers - I Wanna Rave

Last week two of the biggest names in the EDM scene, Steve Aoki and Bassjackers, joined forces for the first time to produced this hard dance single I Wanna Rave. In the newly released music video the three are transformed into aliens, plummeting through space towards planet Earth, where they unleash their music on regular citizens and turn them into fully fledged headbangers.

10/25 Showtek & Gammer - EDM Sucks

In recent years, the Showtek pair have been trying out a variety of different styles, from hardstyle to progressive house to electro house, churning out classics like We Like To Party and Booyah. The two also often cooperate with many other well-known producers, among them David Guetta, who they linked up with for Bad, Your Love and Sun Goes Down.

For this latest track EDM Sucks, Showtek sought the help of Gammer to produce this dubstep anthem with Knife Party similarities. The lyrics for EDM Sucks touch on PLUR spirit (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) that EDM culture is supposedly based around, something which is also mentioned in Knife Party's song Plur Police, with it's lyrics "Our EDM is F**ked Bro".

"When Showtek came to me to work on music not only was I excited it was a no-brainer. Once we connected we knew he had to create something that was going to make some noise... which is partly why we called the track "EDM Sucks". EDM definitely doesn't suck but it's like a satire play on some of the music that is being released, we needed to take the time to make fun of all the "seriousness" that this industry has lately possessed and just go back to making music that feels right."

10/25 Kaskade & Mr. Tape - Come On

10/25 BROHUG - Ready

Having just released Redux 003 barely a month before, Kaskade is back with this latest track Come On- a collaboration with Mr. Tape. The pair are anything but strangers, having previously teamed up for tracks like Show Of Hands as well as Fun with Swedish trio BROHUG. Speaking of BROHUG, the DJ group also brought out some new music last week in the form of bass house banger Ready, which marks their third single out in this month alone. Much like the other two tracks, Addict and Scorpion, Ready has an infectious drop imbued with pulsating basslines, check it out below.

10/25 Borgeous - Alcohol

Fresh off the back of his Lights Out EP release in August, Borgeous has dropped this melancholic future bass track Alcohol. The emotive vocals sing out "My glass is half empty, like the promise you made... like the words that you said, that are filling my head", which are sure to resonate deeply with a lot of people. Released on Proximity, Alcohol is definitely that kind of end-of-the-night song whose lyrics you can blurt out as the sun begins to come up.

10/25 TheFatRat - Rise Up (ESL 2019)

TheFatRat is back to take you on an uplifting, emotional journey with his latest song Rise Up, which has just been chosen as the title track for the ESL One Hamburg and IEM Beijing Esports tournaments. One listen and it's immediately clear to see why Rise Up has been given such an honour; the song has a gentle opening pushed forwards by soft vocals, gradually building up into a powerful, intense chorus.

It’s a song about getting back up when you’re at rock bottom. When you think you just can’t go on but you still do. The chorus starts with “Here we come back to life, we’re still breathing”. Sometimes you don’t even know where that inner strength comes from but it’s somehow there and that’s what the song is about. - TheFatRat

New Album Recommendation

10/25 Gryffin - Gravity

Not everyone will know the name Gryffin, but there's a good chance you'll have listened to his tracks Whole Heart or the Illenium collaboration Feel Good. His first studio album Gravity was officially released this week, composed of 15 songs- some of which date right back to 2016. Most of the tracks featured lean towards melodic house and give off positive vibes with their upbeat vocals, see below for the full album.

FestGround Editor's Choice

10/25 ARMNHMR - Silver Lining (feat. KARRA)

On October 25, LA duo ARMNHMR dropped their latest track Silver Lining featuring singer-songwriter KARRA. ARMNHMR have been on the rise over the last couple of years with a string of high-profile collaborations and remixes, such as their take on The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee Inside Out.

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