Terms & Conditions


    PLEASE BE ADVISED that the purchase of this ticket shall constitute the irrevocable acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions herein contained by the purchaser and/or holder (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”) of the ticket (“Ticket”) and agrees that the Ticket is a revocable license (“License”) to access the Venue and attend the event (“Event”) for which it was issued and may be revoked at any time by the issuer of the Ticket or its designee (“Issuer”) for any reason without compensation.

    • You agree that the Ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed and You accept the risk of loss and/or theft of this Ticket.

    • You agree that the resale of the Ticket at a price greater than face value is prohibited.

    • You agree that the Ticket is not redeemable for cash.

    • You agree that if the Ticket was obtained from an unauthorized source such Ticket may be lost, stolen or counterfeit and if so, such Ticket shall be deemed worthless and void.


    • You agree that the Issuer reserves all rights to cancel, postpone, and/or change the venue, the artist lineup, time, and/or date of the event for which the Ticket was issued at any time without prior notice or compensation to You.

    • You agree that all ticket sales are final and there shall be no ticket refunds and/or exchanges.

    • You understand that an E-Ticket is a Virtual Ticket and therefore You accept delivery of Your E-Ticket immediately upon Your purchase of the E-Ticket.

    • You further agree that Your Ticket order confirmation shall serve as conclusive and indisputable proof of Delivery of Your Ticket. You agree to notify the Issuer prior to the start time of the Event if you have not received Your Ticket (Order Completed email).

    • You agree that Your admission to the venue for which this Ticket is issued, (hereinafter referred to as the “Venue”) and Your use of the Ticket for the Event is contingent upon Your agreement that Your presence at the Venue shall constitute Your acceptance of all of the following:

      • Your use of the Ticket is contingent upon Your voluntary assumption of all risks and dangers incidental to your presence at the Event, whether occurring prior, during or after the Event, including acts or omissions of others (including artists, attendees, the Venue or its staff, the promoter and any other person or party).

      • You agree to defend, indemnify, save and hold harmless and forever release, the Venue, FESTGROUND the Event organizers, the Event sponsors, the participants and the artists, including but not limited to their respective management, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, principals, employees and authorized agents and designees (all of whom together are herein referred to as the “Indemnitees”) from any and all injuries, demands, suits, and/or claims.

      • You agree that the Ticket is a revocable license, which is subject to revocation and/or denial of admission, without compensation for any reason, including Your attempted or actual violation of any applicable laws or promoter or Venue rules, policies or regulations.

      • You agree that the Event organizers, their assignees, licensees or designees may without additional notification or credit to You, utilize, publish, print, display, exploit and publicly use Your name, image, likeness and voice in connection with any broadcast, re-broadcast, live stream, recording or other reproduction of the Event or with respect to the sale or distribution of any literary, musical or artistic production or other articles of merchandise or property or for any purpose, including for commercial exploitation without additional consideration to You.

      • You agree that the Venue has a zero tolerance policy for the use of illegal or illicit drugs and that illegal or illicit drug use will not be tolerated at the Venue.

      • You agree that Your use of the Ticket is contingent upon Your knowing, intelligent and voluntary consent to be searched for the presence of illegal or illicit drugs, weapons and/or other prohibited items prior to or during Your admission to the Venue the discovery of which prohibited items shall lead to the immediate revocation of this License and denial of admission to or immediate removal from the Venue and Event if any such items are found.

      • You agree that the Event organizers and their respective Indemnitees shall not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any personal property that is left, lost, stolen, destroyed, confiscated, damaged or misplaced anywhere in the Venue or during the Event regardless of fault or reason.

      • You agree that the Issuer of this Ticket reserves the absolute right to change, modify, add or remove any or all provisions herein contained in its sole discretion which includes having the right, but not the obligation to post updates, amendments, supplementations, modifications and revisions respecting the terms contained herein on Issuer’s website; and Issuer shall also have the right to assign or delegate any or all of its rights, title and interests or duties hereunder without notification or consent by You.

      • You agree that the terms and conditions contained herein represent the entire agreement between You and the Issuer of the Ticket with respect to its subject matter, and shall supersede and replace all prior contemporaneous understandings, communications, and agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.

      • You agree that all Ticket sales are final.

      • You agree that this Event will take place as scheduled, rain or shine.

      • You agree that there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges.

      • You agree that this Event is Standing Room Only;

      • You agree to be bound by any and all of the terms and conditions herein contained.


    Welcome to FESTGROUND Ticketing (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). Our services are provided to you subject to the following notices, terms, and conditions (“Terms”). By using the Site to purchase tickets for a specified Event (the “Event”), you or ticket holder (collectively “You” or “Your”) agree to follow and be bound by the Terms and all applicable laws and regulations governing the Site. FESTGROUND reserves the right to change such Terms at any time, and from time to time.


    E-Tickets sent with your confirmation email shall be held at the Venue Box Office at the designated FESTGROUND ticketing counter from the period beginning one hour prior to the scheduled Event’s start time until 2 hours prior to the scheduled Event’s end time.
    In order to pick up wristbands, You must

    • Be the individual listed on the E-Ticket order.

    • Present the purchase confirmation email receipt.

    • Present valid photo identification.

    E-Ticket name changes are STRICTLY prohibited.


    If an Event is cancelled or rescheduled, or if the venue where the Event is scheduled to occur (the “Venue”) is closed, You will be notified via email, as soon as possible, and to the extent that information is or becomes available. FESTGROUND will endeavor to send email notifications to the email address You provided.


    Although Tickets are generally non-refundable, in case of an Event cancellation or unforeseen Venue closure, You will be refunded the face value of the tickets purchased, excluding applicable service, shipping, and handling fees. For rescheduled Events, customers with accepted refund requests will be refunded the face value for tickets, excluding applicable service, shipping and handling fees. Customers can choose to protect their booking through the FestGround Protection scheme at an additional cost. You may only submit a claim for a refund once, if you are requesting a refund for multiple tickets please make sure you do so in the same claim. This secures you a full refund of the purchase price should you or a party member be unable to attend the event for reasons outside of your control.

    In the case that the event is cancelled, the cost spent on the FestGround Protection scheme will be refunded to you, as well as the face value of the ticket purchased.


    FESTGROUND shall not be responsible for any exchange rate losses incurred during the order or refund process. FESTGROUND shall not issue refunds to ticket purchasers who have mistakenly purchased tickets in a currency other than the one originally used.


    Use of the Ticket by You constitutes Your agreement to comply with the Terms of the Ticket User Agreement, as well as, the following general terms set forth in this Section.


    By making a purchase on the Site, You acknowledge and agree that

    • You are at least 18 years of age.

    • The ticket is a revocable license to the specific seat (when applicable) and for the time(s) listed on the face thereof.

    • Ticket prices do not include any applicable online service charges, and fees.

    • Ticket prices include applicable sales and use taxes and any applicable cash discounts. Unless otherwise specified, Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.

    • All ticket sales are final.

    • Event times and dates are subject to change.

    • You shall bear all risks associated with inclement weather. Tickets lost or stolen shall not be replaced by FESTGROUND. FESTGROUND shall not be responsible for replacing or refunding lost or stolen tickets.

    • You cannot share or duplicate tickets.

    • The first person to enter the Venue with a “Print At Home” or other physical ticket shall be the only person to be admitted with such ticket.

    • Before traveling to an Event, You are advised to confirm the Event’s status with the Venue.

    • Because tickets are not registered to individual purchasers but are instead owned by whoever is in possession of the tickets, You must treat tickets as cash. The resale or attempted resale of a ticket at a price higher than that appearing thereon is prohibited and may be voided without refund.

    • Tickets shall not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or other commercial purposes without the express written consent of the artist and promoter.

    • The use of cameras, video or audio recording equipment at the Event is prohibited unless otherwise indicated by the venue, artists, or promoters.

    • Audio recording of the Event shall only be permitted to the extent of, and only for the purposes specified in, artists’ taping policy(ies). FESTGROUND’s ticket purchasing process does not require the entry of a PIN when entering credit card information or purchasing tickets.

    FESTGROUND reserves the right, without the refunding of any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse admission to, or to eject any person from the Venue who fails to comply with applicable Venue rules, regulation and policies and applicable laws.


    You assume all risks of any property damage or personal injuries including hearing loss, seizures and other health conditions incidental, relating to or arising from extremely loud music and sounds; strobe, hydro, pyrotechnic, animatronic lighting and other special effects, such as flashing lights, rapidly changing or alternating images, the use of fog, haze or smoke with theatrical stage lighting, laser projections and fireworks during the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the Event (the “Claims”) and agree that FESTGROUND, the Venue, the Event organizers, promoters and sponsors, including FESTGROUND and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, principals and employees shall be expressly forever released from any such Claims.


    All or designated areas of the Venue during the Event may be subject to extremely loud music and sounds, as well as, strobe, hydro, pyrotechnic, animatronic, lighting and other special effects, including flashing lights, rapidly changing or alternating images, the use of fog, haze or smoke with theatrical stage lighting, laser projections and fireworks. Women who are pregnant and individuals who suffer from certain health conditions, including seizures, light sensitivity or any other health condition that could be aggravated by these special effects should consider this warning before entering or remaining on the premises, as such special effects may cause or induce seizures, diminished or hearing loss and other health conditions.


    Tickets purchased through the Site are intended for personal use only. The resale of tickets obtained through the Site for more than the original purchase price is strictly prohibited and in such cases, including the profiting by reselling, trading, or brokering tickets purchased through the Site, FESTGROUND reserves the right to cancel all or part of the applicable ticket order or may elect to put all or part of Your orders and all or part of other pending orders in Your name at E-Ticket.
    If FESTGROUND cancels Your tickets, a refund for the face value of the tickets, minus a 10 percent of the ticket price per ticket processing fee, will be issued to the credit card account holder used to place the original order.
    No other service, processing, or shipping fees charged at the time of purchase will be refunded. FESTGROUND reserves the right to cancel Your order(s) without notification and investigate all orders suspected to be in violation of this policy. FESTGROUND shall be the final authority on interpretation of the rules in this policy.


    You may visit, view and retain copies of this Site for personal use but shall not duplicate, download, publish, modify or otherwise distribute information from the Site for any purpose other than to review Event information and to purchase tickets for personal use, unless otherwise specifically authorized by FESTGROUND. FESTGROUND reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and/or cancel orders in its sole and absolute discretion if it reasonably believes Your conduct violates or attempts to violate applicable law or the Terms set forth herein.


    All Site content including text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, software, etc., and the compilation of all Site content is the sole property of Ultra Music Festival or its licensor(s) and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Compilation of all content on the Site is the exclusive property of Ultra Music Festival and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. The Site’s content and software may be used as a shopping resource only, any other use, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display, or public performance, is strictly prohibited. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


    You agree that use of the Site is undertaken at Your risk. FESTGROUND makes no representations, warranties or promises that the Site will be error-free or uninterrupted, or that the Site will provide specific results. The Site and its content are delivered on an “as-available” basis without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. EXCEPT IN JURISDICTIONS WHERE SUCH PROVISIONS ARE RESTRICTED, IN NO EVENT SHALL FESTGROUND BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOST PROFITS, EVEN IF FESTGROUND HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF DAMAGES. This disclaimer applies to any and all damage or injury from any cause including damage or injury resulting from failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of record, whether for breach of contract, tortious behavior, negligence, or any other cause(s) of action.


    If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding these Terms or the Site, please contact us at: help@festground.com.

FestGround Protection Terms & Conditions

  • What We Will Cover

    We WILL offer you a refund in case of the following:

    • Death, injury or illness happening to you, a member of your party or immediate family.

    • Unexpected breakdown or disruption of public transport en route to the venue, which you could not have possibly known about prior to the date and time of the event.

    • The breakdown, accident, fire or theft of a private vehicle whilst en route to the event.

    • Jury service which you were unaware of at the time of booking.

    • Burglary, fire or accident at your residence 48 hours prior to the event which requires the attendance of the emergency services.

    • Strikes, riots, civil commotion or martial law.

    • You being a member of the armed services and being posted abroad, which you were unaware of at the time of booking.

    • Adverse weather conditions including snow, frost, fog or storm where government agencies have issued a warning not to travel.

    • You being summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness which you were unaware of at the time of booking.

    • Restricted access to the venue caused by flood, fire, explosion or the act of a constituted authority to protect public health and safety.

    • Being the victim of a robbery, mugging or physical assault whilst travelling to the event.

  • What You’re Not Covered For

    We will NOT offer a refund for the following conditions:

    • If you fail to submit a refund request within 45 days of the event’s end date.

    • You cannot attend the event due to having to work at that time.

    • You cannot attend due to a pre-existing medical condition or illness.

    • You are rejected entry for violating guidelines set forth by the event.

    • The symptoms of a normal pregnancy prevent you from attending.

    • You cannot provide a doctor's report for accident or illness.

    • You cannot provide evidence of the unused ticket.

    • You cannot attend due to public transport issues that are public knowledge prior to the event.

    • You did not give yourself sufficient time to arrive at the venue.

    • You carry out a criminal act which prevents you from attending.

  • What You’ll Need to Provide

    • A doctor's report for accident or illness.

    • The original unused ticket(s) or proof that the ticket was not used.

    • Confirmation from the rescue/ repair service or public transport provider. For the breakdown of a private vehicle, where no rescue or repair service applies, a copy of garage repair bill or parts receipt or in the case of a motor accident claim, confirmation from the vehicle motor insurers, vehicle repairers or police.

    • Confirmation from transport police or similar as appropriate.

    • Confirmation letter from the court.

    • Letter from the Police, Fire Brigade or Household insurer.

    • Police or hospital report to confirm incident.