Tinder Introduces Festival Mode

Source: Tinder

Tinder is launching a service to help you find other festival goers! Starting in May, the app's new mode will allow users to add a badge to their profile which shows the festival they plan on attending, and will prioritize potential matches who are going to the same one. You can even find attendees from around the world who are located outside of your distance preferences.

Tinder's new Festival Mode. Source: Tinder

According to company representatives, the app usually sees a surge in downloads at music festivals, with activity rising by up to 300% on some occasions. Because of this, Tinder decided to launch Festival Mode at a limited number of locations across the US and UK this summer. See below for the full list.

This isn't the first time Tinder has rolled out a location specific feature. Previously, Spring Break mode allowed university students to match up and find talking points with those traveling to the same holiday destination as them.

The function is activated by matching with the Festival Mode card once it appears on the screen. Individual badges will be available up to 3 weeks before the event is due to take place, which should be plenty of time to schedule in your festival hook-up.

The list of events where Festival Mode will be accessible. Source: Tinder

In addition to finding your match, the new feature will provide opportunities to get VIP exclusive upgrades, so get swiping!

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