A Guide: What to Wear to S2O Taiwan

Will Mitchell | July 1st, 2019

Source: S2O Japan

We're now less than a week away from Taiwan's first ever S2O festival! One of the most important things to think about when attending the world's wettest festival is obviously what to wear. By now you've probably started (or finished) planning your outfit, but for everyone else we've put together a guide to ensure you have the right attire fit for a day of dancing beneath the water cannons.

1. Eyewear

Source: S2O Songkran Music Festival

It goes without saying... With high pressure water guns spraying constantly, you'll want to make sure your eyes have adequate protection. The most basic option is to buy some goggles or sunglasses- you should be able to find some pretty easily without breaking the bank. Try checking the small stalls often found in areas like Ximen. For those who really want to impress, why not go all out and invest in some GloFX rave goggles?

2. Fanny Pack

Source: S2O Songkran Music Festival

The festival essential. According to the event regulations, bags are allowed to be taken into the venue if they are clear and are no bigger than 45cm or 18 inches. However, lockers are available on-site if you don't fancy carrying valuables around on your person.

3. Footwear

I'm pretty sure nobody likes the feeling of walking around in sodden shoes, so do yourself a favour and take something waterproof. Sneakers or sandals with a heel strap are highly recommended, or after arriving at the event you could even purchase a pair of the S2O shoes specially created by Spunite. Additionally, definitely consider taking a spare pair of socks with you, they'll be an absolute godsend at the end of the day.

4. Wear as Little as Possible

Source: S2O Songkran Music Festival

Try to avoid wearing anything. No, all jokes aside try to avoid wearing anything that will become abrasive or heavy when soaked, such as jeans or sweatpants/trackies. Swimwear should do the trick, show off that summer body by throwing on a bikini or swim shorts, just make sure you have something dry to put over the top once the sun goes down- a flag never goes amiss.

Also worth noting, is that FestGround are currently running a giveaway competition where you have the opportunity to win a waterproof Nike jacket or S2O official swimwear. Click here to go to our Facebook page and enter the contest.

5. Waterproof Phone Case

S2O Japan

Don't miss out on a single photo opportunity- take a waterproof case and you can still snap the perfect insta picture whilst preventing damage to your phone. In addition to this, there's no need to worry about your battery draining and leaving you with no means to find your friends, as S2O is introducing charging spots on site!

6. Ear Plugs

Source: S2O Taiwan Songkran Music Festival

Shield your ears from the thumping music and ensure they're intact for festivals to come. Technology company Soteria will be selling ear plugs on site for $600 NTD, grab a pair and rest assured that your hearing will remain protected without affecting the quality of sound.

S2O Taiwan will take place on the 6th and 7th July at Dajia Riverside Park, Taipei. The festival takes the best elements from music festivals and Thailand's Songkran New Year festivities. If you haven't got your ticket yet, follow the link below before they all sell out!

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