The Festival VVIP Experience: Make an Entrance and Arrive by Yacht or Helicopter


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By now, you've probably heard of Ultra Music Festival, year after year the brand increases its global presence by hosting events in an increasing number of countries. In 2019, Ultra's first two shows in East Asia will be Ultra Korea and Ultra Singapore, taking place from the 7th-9th and 8th-9th June respectively.

With popularity for EDM still on the rise, many big festival brands like Ultra, Tomorrowland, EDC and so on have begun to expand overseas, increasing the size and scale of their shows as well as the number. This year, Ultra Miami drew in over 170,000 people who flocked to see some of the world's top DJs put on insane performances- an experience totally incomparable to that of your average nightclub.

Ticket Classifications

Nowadays, the vast majority of festivals will adopt a tiered ticketing system, just look at Ultra for example:

The standard ticket type that most people purchase is GA, or General Admission. Next up from that is VIP which gives you entry into the VIP village- complete with a great selection of food and drink stalls, its own air-conditioned toilets, bar, lockers and other services. When entering into the festival, those with VIP tickets can cut waiting times by using the fast track queue.

However, once they've got inside the festival, VIP ticket holders do not have access to the exclusive platform and seating area... those are for VVIPs only. If you've ever been to a large-scale music festival before, you'll most likely know what it's like to feel damp, wet and unpleasant or even worse have other damp, wet and unpleasant bodies pressed against you in the crowds. It's during those times that you might happen to look up and catch a glimpse of the platform near the stage, wishing that you were a VVIP ticket holder.

The VVIP experience

VVIP ticket holders have the privilege of using the VVIP lounge, so no need to worry about maintaining you stamina for an entire night of partying. These tickets obviously come with a higher standard of service than VIP ones and are only available in the weeks running up to the event. In order to provide a more personal, customized experience, VVIP tickets are usually obtained by someone on your behalf after an email exchange, as opposed to buying directly from the website.

Exclusive Platform

As to the VVIP platform, it is usually assembled in proximity of the stage but separated from the rest of the audience, giving an even more distinguished booth experience than you would get in a nightclub. Generally speaking, this platform includes the exclusive seating area, bar, table service, toilets, VIP gifts and so on. Why endure being pushed around and shoved by tens of thousands of people when you could be living the high life up front, right?

FestGround Concierge: Your exclusive music festival VVIP service

FestGround Concierge is our exclusive, customised service for VVIP members. We're on hand to get you VVIP booth access, only the best food and drink, private toilets with air conditioning (an absolute essential) and so on. Even transport arrangements can be handed over to us, so if you're looking to make a more glamorous entrance and avoid the the queues, FestGround will sort you out with a helicopter or yacht transfer. Just the same as a black-card holder, we will do our best to meet your needs so that you can make the most of your festival experience without worrying about any of the finer details.

Music Festivals with VVIP services available this summer:
- ULTRA Singapore (6/7 - 6/8) @ ULTRA Park, Singapore
- ULTRA Korea (6/7 - 6/9) @ Everland Speedway, South Korea
- It’s the SHIP! China (6/13 - 6/17) @ Shanghai, China ⇆ Shimonoseki, Japan

- S2O Taiwan (7/6 - 7/7) @ Dajia Riverside Park, Taiwan
- ULTRA Europe (7/12 - 7/14) @ Poljud Stadium, Croatia
- S2O Japan (7/13 - 7/15) @ Makuhari Seaside Park, Japan

Those looking to treat themselves with a luxury party experience this summer, please don't hesitate to contact us at vvip@festground.com. Just picture yourself surrounded by friends, popping a few bottles and soaking in an entirely different kind of festival atmosphere. The concierge service can also be used outside of a music festival setting, just contact us directly with your request!

If none of the current events are of appeal to you, feel free to write to FestGround Concierge (please provide your name and contact details) and we will add you to our VVIP contact list. This way one of our specialists can contact you if any new services or events become available.

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