S2O Taiwan Countdown: Check Out the Set Times and New Lineup Additions

Will Mitchell | July 2nd, 2019


Continuing our countdown to S2O's Taiwan debut, here's a look at the set times for this weekend as well as the final wave of artists added to the lineup. Knife Party will join Yellow Claw and R3HAB as headliners over the weekend, with a huge list of local acts added as support. For those wanting to find out a little more about the new additions, we've provided brief introductions as well as links to their work. Click here to see our blog on the acts announced previously.

Knife Party

Knife Party began as a side project formed by two members of the Australian drum and bass band Pendulum, experimenting with EDM, house and dubstep. So far this festival season they have played at Ultra Korea and Ultra Singapore, with more gigs booked for Myst in Shanghai as well as at the Makuhari Seaside Park in Tokyo. The duo announced last year that a new EP was on the horizon, however it seems they pushed the date back as it was originally due out earlier this year. Recently, Knife Party revealed that the release date is imminent and that title of the EP will be "Lost Souls EP". Those lucky enough to attend EDC Las Vegas in May got a chance to preview the title track, as Martin Garrix dropped it during his unforgettable set. Catch them as they close up the Saturday at S2O Taiwan.

S2O Taiwan Supporting Acts


B€W was first introduced to rap through his cousin's large collection of hip hop CDs. He started out on the underground rap scene, but quickly rose to fame with help from Chinese TV contest "The Rap of China". Skip forward to today, B€W has now joined Universal Music, launching the album "No Comply" with them last year.

Ching G Squad

Ching G Squad are a newly formed group made up of OSN (高爾宣 ), Chris Flow (唐仲彣), Jun Shoulou (婁峻碩) and RED (芮德). Their first track- titled "Coconut Tree"- was released in January, produced by group member Chris Flow, the song has racked up over 1 million views on YouTube.

CORSAK ft. Hama

CORSAK is a rapidly-rising star who happens to be the first ever Chinese act to be signed to Liquid State label. He has has earned over 200 million streams over two songs and has even worked with Alan Walker, collaborating on the single "Different World". His second single "GLOW" features the vocals of Hama, who will be performing alongside him at S2O Taiwan- it should be a performance to watch out for!


Born in the US, Karencici moved to Hainan (China) at age three, eventually moving back to the States eleven years later. From a young age, like many children her age, Karencici's grandmother pushed her to play the piano, dance and sing, resulting in a strong desire to become a singer when she grew up. Last year, she released her debut EP "Blow-Up" which features three songs and blends elements from R&B, Hip Hop and Soul. At just 20 years old, Karencici's creative abilities are not to be underestimated, as in addition to writing her own music she also writes for several well known artists, including Pop icon Jolin Tsai.


Øzi is an R&B singer born in Los Angeles, whose parents introduced first him to music when he was a child, making him learn the piano, violin, guitar and other instruments. His passion for the industry is evident in the fact he first began writing songs at just 14, later attending Berkeley college before dropping out to pursue a career in music. His dream is to merge Taiwan's R&B with hip hop and then present this to the world, as a way to help the genre achieve mainstream success. In 2019, Øzi was nominated for 6 awards at Taiwan's 30th Golden Melody Awards, going on to win the prize for Best New Artist.

Sammy 張語噥

Sammy Chang 張語噥 always dreamed of becoming a singer, beginning by registering for singing competitions when she was in middle school. In 2014, she participated in Taiwan's "Super Idol" competition, eventually winning the competition. In 2017, Sammy joined Taiwanese girl group "Twinko", where she was briefly one of the lead singers, however she left the group earlier this year as her contract expired.


屁孩 (Pihai) Ryan infuses comedy into his music, stating that his dream is to let people know that everything doesn't have to be so serious, many things can be solved through laughter. His style can be said to parody rap music, just take a look at his music videos and it will shed light on his sense of humour. On top of this, Pihai Ryan is undoubtedly talented, as he previously participated in "The Rap of China" televised competition, representing one out of only a handful of Taiwanese entries.

高爾宣 OSN

高爾宣 (Gao Erxuan) OSN is a rapper from Muzha, Taipei, whose style blends together hip-hop with R&B . Ever since the release of his single "Everybody Bounce" in 2018, OSN has continued to rise in popularity in 2018, with his hit "Without You" earning him the top spot on the KKBox leaderboards for 3 weeks running.


S2O Taiwan will take place on the 6th and 7th July at Dajia Riverside Park, Taipei. The festival takes the best elements from music festivals and Thailand's Songkran New Year festivities. In addition to the intricate stage designs and stellar lineup of world-class DJs, the festival's biggest selling points are the specially designed 360-degree sprinklers and high-pressure water guns guaranteed to soak everyone. This is a festival like no other, where ticket-holders can quench their thirst for EDM, House, Dubstep and more, all the while getting doused by towering water cannons.

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