S2O Taiwan: Knife Party Dropped Hard on Day 1

How come you are still dry? You are at the wettest festival on earth!

Anwill Lee | July 7th, 2019

S2O Taiwan 2019 Day 1

Day 1 at Taiwan's first ever S2O kicked off with a bang, with Knife Party proving just how well they can hype up a party. First to hit the decks on Saturday was Rave Republic and Rave Radio, who used their live mixing skills to officially kick off S2O Taiwan.

Rave Republic @ S2O Taiwan 2019 Day 1
Rave Radio @ S2O Taiwan 2019 Day 1

The next B2B performance was by DJ Soda and DJ Rayray, who sent the crowd wild as soon as they hit the stage- especially the men. Rayray is signed to Yellow Claw's Barong Family label and is somewhat of a local icon, during her set she brought out the incredibly talented Julia Wu for an exclusive performance.

DJ Borgeous. who was replacing R3HAB, pushed the festival to a new high with a set featuring his most famous song- Tsunami.

Borgeous @ S2O Taiwan 2019 Day 1

Gaining popularity due to his special genre (Melbourne Bounce), TJR made the ravers in the pit dance nonstop right up until the finale.

And, at last, Knife Party. I couldn't utter a word from the moment they started until the moment their set ended. They made all the DJs before seem as though they were just doing a warm up for them. I'm not saying that other DJs' performance weren't good, but theirs was just so brilliant that nothing else can even compare.

Knife Party @ S2O Taiwan 2019 Day 1

So that's all for S2O Taiwan Day 1, now I'm buzzing for today's lineup! Throughout the day, Mike Perry-famous for his song Ocean- will take over the world's wettest stage, with Ookay and duo Vicetone set to make the crowd go insane. However, it doesn't stop there, as VINAI and "Yellow Mother F**king Claw" will also shower attendees with their pulsating beats... Every raver that's reading, stay wet and keep partying at S2O Taiwan Day 2!

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