What to Eat at Ultra Korea ? TOP 5 Korean Foods you MUST TRY

#1: Korean Fried Chicken

If you've ever watched Korean dramas, you've almost certainly seen Koreans sipping on a beer in front of a plate of their famous fried chicken, it's enough to make anyone's mouth water.... Even if you have to join the back of a queue stretching as far as the eye can see, trust me, after just one bite you'll see what all the fuss is about . The succulent chicken is encased in a golden, crispy skin and coated in a sweet, sticky glaze-best served with an ice cold beer.

Korean fried chicken

The best places to try it:
Hosigi兩隻雞 호식이 두마리치킨,
BBQ 치킨,
Mexicana Fried Chicken,
Kyochon Fried Chicken

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#2: Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is another one that features heavily in Korean dramas. The novelty of cooking the food at your own table and the gentle hiss as the juicy meat slaps onto the grill makes it utterly irresistible to all who witness. The most common Korean BBQ staple is bulgogi, which literally translates as 'fire-meat' and is thinly sliced, marinated beef or pork. One of the main characteristics of Korean BBQ is that all the meat is marinated to ensure it's packed with flavour- there's no better way to refuel after a long day at the festival.

Korean BBQ

The best place to try it:
Hanam Pig

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#3: Samgye-tang

Best served in summer, in English this dish is known as 'ginseng chicken soup' and it's believed to restore lost energy, perfect after a heavy weekend at Ultra right? For those of you who don't deal well with spice, this one is your saviour! Samgye-tang consists of an entire chicken stuffed with with rice, garlic, jujube and of course, ginseng. A must try!


Best places to try:
One Hundred Years Native Samgyetang,
Baekbujangjip Dakhanmari

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#4: Gamja-tang

As far as Korean hot-pots go, this pork bone soup is one of the best. Koreans will often demolish a big pot of gamja-tang after they've had a few drinks, letting the stew sober them up as it warms from the inside. This is a truly hearty meal, often served with potatoes and seasoned with gochugaru (Korean chili flakes) and gochujang (Korean chili paste), definitely one for spice-lovers.


Best places to try:
Somunnan Gamjatang,
Wondang Gamjatang

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#5: Budae-jjigae

Last but not least, budae jjigae- otherwise known as 'army stew'. This dish was created after the Korean War, when the shortage of food meant that there was no fresh meat to eat. Food that was left over or scavenged from US army bases- such as sausage and spam- were thrown into a pot with other ingredients to create this delicious stew. Loaded with kimchi, budae-jjigae packs a punch and is a tasty way to line your stomach before a day at Ultra.


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