ULTRA Bali 2023: An Ultimate Guide for New Ultranauts

The world’s most renowned electronic music festival is coming back to Bali!

Get ready to experience the ultimate beach party at Ultra Beach Bali 2023! As a newcomer, or as ULTRA likes to call you, an "Ultranaut," you're about to discover an unparalleled experience that will leave you craving more. This ultimate guide is designed to ensure that you make the most of your time at ULTRA Bali 2023, helping you navigate through the excitement and ensure you're well-prepared for this exhilarating adventure.

What is ULTRA Bali?

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ULTRA Bali is not just another music festival; it's a captivating fusion of music, art, and culture set against the backdrop of Bali's stunning shores. As one of the world's most prestigious music (EDM) festivals, ULTRA Bali brings together a lineup of world-class DJs (Lineup announcement coming soon!) breathtaking performances, and a vibrant atmosphere that will keep your spirits soaring from dusk till dawn.

Adding to the experience, another remarkable event known as Resistance Bali takes the stage, a two-day underground concept event dedicated to house and techno music. It showcases some of the best underground DJs from around the world, delivering cutting-edge sounds and a unique musical experience. If you're a fan of deep basslines, hypnotic beats, and immersive vibes, Resistance Bali is not to be missed.

Ultra Beach Bali:September 20th - 21st, 2023 | Timing: 4 PM - 12 AM
Resistance Bali:September 24th - 25th, 2023 | Timing: 4 PM - 12 AM

Both Ultra Beach Bali and Resistance Bali will be held at Locca Sea House located at Jimbaran Bay.

Which Ticket Type Should You Choose?

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Both ULTRA Bali and Resistance offer a range of ticket types tailored to cater to different preferences and levels of access. Whether you're seeking an immersive experience or aiming for a specific vantage point, there's a ticket option to suit your desires.

(Be aware that ticket availability can be limited, and prices may differ based on access levels and early bird offers.)

General Admission (GA) Pass:

The GA Pass grants you entry to the festival grounds, where you can soak in the electrifying atmosphere, explore various stages, and dance to the pulsating beats of world-class DJs. This pass is perfect for those who want to dive into the heart of the action and make unforgettable memories on the dancefloor.

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Premium General Admission (PGA) Pass:

The PGA Pass provides a special entrance just for you, giving your festival adventure a one-of-a-kind beginning. With the PGA Pass, you enjoy a touch of added luxury, including special perks and improved amenities, to enhance your overall festival experience.

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Want to Upgrade for More Luxury?

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Terrace Tables

Terrace tables offer an exclusive opportunity for you and your friends (group of 5) to enjoy Ultra Bali in style! With a prime view of the stage in your private area away from the general admission crowd, terrace table packages include expedited VIP festival entry lanes, expedited bar queues, a private area with a table for up to 5 people, 5 tickets, and 1 bottle of spirit with 2 mixers.

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VVIP Table Experience

With VVIP tickets, you enter the exclusive VVIP lounge to avoid tiring all-night revelry. VVIP tickets are usually arranged through email, offering a personal touch over direct website purchases. This grants access to seating, a bar, table service, restrooms, and VIP gifts.

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How to Prepare for the Event?

Attending Ultra Bali is an intense 4-day musical journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your experience:

Pack Smart

Express your style and immerse in the festival's vibes through your outfit, while also arranging your travel and transportation around Bali for a seamless experience.

Also, ensure you have your ULTRA Bali tickets and required IDs. Check the list of allowed and prohibited items before entering – for instance, only clear material backpacks (plastic, PVC, mesh) are allowed. Stay informed about any updates or new rules.
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No Re-Entry Policy

You won’t be able to re-enter the event. If you enter and then leave, you will not be able to enter again until the following day. Don’t worry, everything you need can be found inside!

Pace Yourself

While dancing all day and hitting after parties might be tempting, remember to pace yourself. Don't exhaust your energy on the first day so you can fully relish the entire festival. Wear comfy attire and shoes, stay hydrated in Bali's hot weather, and know where to find medical help in case of emergencies.

Join Community

ULTRA Bali Official Group

ULTRA Bali 2023 is not just a music festival; it's a transformative experience that will leave you with a profound sense of connection and joy. As a new Ultranaut, you're about to become part of a global community brought together by a shared love for music and celebration. Join YouApp, the official ULTRA Bali 2023 group to connect Ultranauts, trip tips, and more!

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