Korean DJ/Producer: Tap.T releases a new solo record “Running Away”

Korean DJ/Producer: Tap.T releases a new exhilarating solo record “Running Away” on CONECTD MIX, a new label with the goal of bringing Asia's finest DJ/Producers to the West.


As the first record by the new label, CONECTD MIX under CONECTD, Tap.T’s solo track “Running Away” creates waves of anticipation and thrill in the genre of Synth wave (Retro wave). Active as a producer and DJ, Tap.T has not only been working with acclaimed Korean rappers in the field of Hip Hop but also indulges in electronic dance music such as Synth wave, Techno, and Bass.

The inspiration behind “Running Away” stems from Tap. T watching a movie’s car chase scene and feeling the urge to produce a track that could provide a vivid illustration of the intensity of the scene. It starts with a pizzicato string and the tension develops through its build-up that creates san exhilarating heart-racing effect. This build-up is followed by a drop that releases the tension; however, the tension quickly resurfaces with a heavy weighted but intensifying bass line. Indulging Tap.T’s signature cold and mechanical sound, Running Away fully immerses the listener into imagining a sci-fi, otherworldly action-filled car chase scene full of angst and thrill.


Sharing the same goal as CONECTD, CONECTD MIX acts as a Modern Silk Road by creating opportunities for Asia’s hidden artists to promote their music in different countries around the world.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/CONECTDRECORDS/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/conectdrecords/

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