Taiwan's DJ RayRay Drops Otherworldy 'Alien Invasion' EP on Barong Family Label

The self-proclaimed alien also dropped the music video for 'Outer Space'

Anwil Lee | September 6th, 2019

Since joining Yellow Claw’s Barong Family Label, rising star DJ RayRay has continued to slay at international electronic music festivals all over the world. Starting out her career as a hip-hop DJ, Taipei-based RayRay has since achieved major success and even came out top during the Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition. In recent year, RayRay has played at some of the world's most prestigious festivals, including Tomorrowland and Ultra Singapore.

Alien Invasion EP

After releasing Purple Alien last year, RayRay has been working non-stop with the help of DJ duo Yellow Claw, the founders of the Barong Family label. Often referring to herself as an alien, at the end of August RayRay finally dropped her second EP: Alien Invasion. Composed of five tracks, Alien Invasion combines a myriad of extra-terrestrial inspired sounds that reflect RayRay's obsession with outer space, hence the EP's title... Compared to the first EP, Alien Invasion explores a larger variety of genres and shows how the DJ has matured as an artist over the last year.


The heavy bass of Alien Invasion's opening number Outer Space sets the tone for the rest of the EP- from the very first drop, this dubstep track gives you the urge to headbang hard. Next up is Drumstick, for which RayRay collaborated with Juyen Sebulba, the co-producer of her previous track Do You Like Bass. Drumstick uses several hard house elements that vibrate so intensely, you'll feel the shaking travel right to your bones.

Gianni Marino Returns for 'Like This'

For song three, RayRay called for help from French producer Aazar, known for his trap hit Pop Dat as well as collaborations with Tiesto and The Chainsmokers. The track, named Back n Forth, has some iconic Jersey Club bass and uses vocals from RayRay herself. Moving on to Samurai, there are some of the same eastern elements heard in Ninja from the Purple Alien EP. At less than a minute in, the track hits you hard with a drop that sounds like something straight from another universe.

Last but not least, the closing track Like This is a collaboration with Gianni Marino, who also appeared on Purple Alien for Like That. This time round, they are joined by the vocalist for Yellow Claw's City On Lockdown, namely Lil Debbie, who really helps to ramp up the trap energy.

This year, RayRay is going to work with Yellow Claw while performing and producing all her way around the world. Let’s look forward for some more intergalactic mayhem brought by the purple alien.

As the dance music scene has begun to flourish in Asia, more and more global festival brands are making their way to Taiwan, with many local events also arriving on the scene. RayRay hopes that these will provide opportunities for Asian artists to make connections with international acts and help them to become known overseas.

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