A Recap: The New Music Released Before Tomorrowland Week 2

The Chainsmokers, Illenium, Rezz, Don Diablo and Alan Walker among the list of artists with new releases.

Anwil Lee | July 29th, 2019


New Song Recommendations

7/24 The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM - Takeaway

Three months ago, the Chainsmokers invited Illenium onstage at Ultra Miami and dropped this ID together. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the song to be release... that is until July 22nd when the duo posted this to their Instagram:

The Chainsmokers said if the number of comments reached 10,000 then they would drop the new song- unsurprisingly this goal was quickly met and at the time of writing the number has surpassed 27,000. On July 24th, the wait was finally over; Takeaway is the fifth track to be released off the upcoming album World War Joy, see the full video below.

The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM - Takeaway (Official Video) ft. Lennon Stella

7/25 Kayzo - Cruel Love feat. shYbeast & FRANK ZUMMO

Get ready for some new bangers from Kayzo. This new electronic music full of rock elements builds your emotions up to the top and then releases them at the drop, while the powerful lines resonate with you even after the song ends. Try it out if you're looking for some energetic bass music.

Kayzo - Cruel Love feat. shYbeast & FRANK ZUMMO (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

7/25 Don Diablo – The Same Way ft. KiFi

Don Diablo brought out more future house sounds this week! This time with the vocalist KiFi, who previously worked with huge DJs like Galantis, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren etc. The whole song is full of lively melodies as well as Don Diablo's iconic Future House notes. Hexagonians, hurry up and add this to your playlists now.

Don Diablo – The Same Way ft. KiFi

Alan Walker - Live Fast [feat. A$AP Rocky]

Famous for his Future Bass song Faded, Alan Walker AKA 'DJ Faded' dropped Live Fast, collaborating with A$AP Rocky (who seems to be having a bad time recently). The track is another theme song for PUBGM, after the first of which, On My Way, was released earlier this year. As if that wasn't enough, last week Walker gave us yet another new song- Unity- taking on help from fans for the writing and production. Here's the lyric video for Live Fast, you'll really want to hop into PUBGM after listening to this...

Alan Walker x A$AP Rocky - Live Fast (PUBGM) | Lyric Video

This November, Alan Walker will perform at Vision and Colour Festival, Wuhan: one of China's biggest EDM festivals. For more information or ticket purchases, please visit the link below:

7/26 See The End Above & Beyond and Seven Lions feat. Opposite The Other

Renowned for his melodic Dubstep, last week Seven Lions finally got to collaborate with his Trance idol Above & Beyond on new track See The End. One of Seven Lion's best-loved songs is the dubstep remix of Above & Beyond - You Got To Go, which is second only to Skrillex's remix of Levels on the Beatport chart. If you want to embark on a trip with Seven lions, simply put on your headset and enjoy the music.

Above & Beyond & Seven Lions - See The End (Feat. Opposite The Other)

>>Catch Seven Lions at Escape: Psycho Circus Korea this October.
>>Catch Above & Beyond at SHVR Ground Festival, Jakarta in September.

7/26 Mike Williams Dastic Kyile
7/26 Brooks - Waiting For Love (feat. Alida)
7/25 David Guetta & MORTEN - Never Be Alone (feat Aloe Blacc)

Mike Williams and Dastic are teaming up again. The first time round they came out with You & I, a catchy song that gives you a strong urge to dance along with the beat, whereas this time they brought out a Future Bounce number called Kylie. Another DJ making waves in the genre is Brooks, who's already worked with Martin Garrix as well David Guetta. He recently unveiled his new track Waiting For Love, not to be confused with Avicii's own track of the same name. Speaking of Tim, last week his Wake Me up partner Aloe Blacc joined forces with David Guetta and MORTEN for the festival anthem Never Be Alone, scroll down to check it out.

Mike Williams X Dastic - Kylie
Brooks - Waiting For Love (feat. Alida) (Official Video)
David Guetta & MORTEN - Never Be Alone (feat Aloe Blacc)

Mike Williams will perform this August at Music Circus Osaka, Japan. For more information or ticket purchases, please visit the link below:

7/26 3 Are Legend x W&W - Khaleesi

Closing the first week of Tomorrowland, 3 Are Legend (Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike) released a new track together with W&W. Fans have been waiting around two years for Khaleesi to finally surface, so have a listen via the video below and see if it's worth the wait.

3 Are Legend x W&W - Khaleesi (Extended Mix)

Catch Steve Aoki live in the flesh at Ultra Japan 2019 (September 14-15). For more information or ticket purchases, please visit the link below:

New Album Recommendations

7/24 Rezz - Beyond The Senses EP

Before running Naruto style into Area 51, we thought you guys wouldn't want to miss a chance at peeking into the place first. Rezz, known as the ‘Space Mom’, became the first DJ to premiere her new EP Beyond The Senses online through a VR party. For those interested, the first DJ to ever perform at a virtual party was Marshmello, who played in the Pleasant Park of Fortnite, link here.

For this premiere, Rezz cooperated with Wave Studio, a tech company which is committed to bringing artists closer to their fans through the newest technology. It just so happens that the CEO and co-founder of Wave Studio are both big fans of Rezz, so it's no surprise they wanted to jump on board the project. The whole party took place in Rezz' very own virtual world, where dark rhythms created a totally different experience than you'd get from a real concert.

REZZ - "Beyond The Senses" LIVE world premiere listening party(Starting from 20:53)

Previously, Rezz released three songs: Dark Age, Kiss of Death- her second track with Deathpact (the first being Life & Death) and Falling: the collab with well-known Metal Band Underoath. In addition to those, Beyond The Senses also featured three new songs amidst some psychedelic animations. During the last song, Lonely (which happens to be Rezz' favorite), the DJ invited users to write a message on Twitch chat, with the text eventually morphing into glowing butterflies and creating a truly perfect ending to the online party. Those of you who cannot wait to add these new songs to the lists, click the link below.

REZZ - Beyond The Senses

07/25 Bite this! - THIS IS OFF THE DEEP END Album

Founded by Jauz, a new album named THIS IS OFF THE DEEP END- which focuses on Bass House and Tech House -was released under the label Bite this! The album includes two songs by Jauz as well as Truth- a collaboration with up-and-coming techno artist i_o.


See Jauz perform live at Insomniac's Escape: Psycho Circus Korea 2019. For more information or ticket purchases, please visit the link below:

7/25 DJ Snake - Carte Blanche Album

DJ Snake's new album Carte Blanche was originally supposed to be released on July 26th; however he was so excited about it that he started uploading new music to his YouTube channel on July 25th. You can read more about Carte Blanche's release here.

DJ Snake - Carte Blanche

FestGround Editor's Choice

7/23 G5SH - All by myself

After totally disappearing for two years, to the extent that everyone assumed that they had disbanded, G5SH came back to Mandarin music in April with their new project "Project Krane", in which they announced collaborations with many musicians. The first to drop was Let Go Of Yourself, an emotive track with a hard bass in the drop. The second, Limelights, was their new attempt at experimenting with the Future Bounce genre and it's so good it rivals other hit tracks you'd hear by big international labels. All by myself is the third track which is due out this week; this one is a return to the Future Bass they are familiar with and features singer Evangeline. It seems as though after two years of hard work, they are putting absolutely all of their effort into this new album.

G5SH - 一個人生活 (All by myself) ft. 王艷薇Evangeline Official Lyrics Video

After releasing their debut album Lovelorn Party, G5SH soon became well known within the charts. With several hit songs combing Pop and EDM elements together, fans claimed that they were the most underrated EDM producers from Taiwan to make it on the international stage. Here is a playlist of their hits on Spotify, let's wait and see what other brilliant tracks they bring out in the near future.

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