DJ Throws Balcony Party During Italy's Coronavirus Lockdown

Whilst the war against coronavirus wages on around the world, more and more countries are shutting their borders and advising people to stay at home. In Italy, which currently has the most active cases of the virus and the largest death toll outside of China, the government has told residents to only leave the house only when strictly necessary.

As the number of confirmed cases skyrockets past 27,000, the Italian government is battling the spread by banning public events and closing schools, cinemas and universities. Normally crowded tourist hotspots are completely devoid of people, and the only retailers still in operation are supermarkets and pharmacies.

Popular tourist spots are deserted of people during quarantine period. (Image source: CNN)

However, amongst all the chaos, Italians are managing to keep spirits high and demonstrate true community solidarity. More and more videos have gone viral across the internet showing people singing and playing instruments from their balconies, which have since dubbed over and used to fool celebrities. Most recently, a video began to circulate of a DJ throwing a party for his neighbourhood with a pop up balcony set.

Balcony Pop Up DJ Session in Italy
Balcony DJ Session in Italy

Meanwhile in China, as millions of people are still stuck at home, DJs across the country have been keeping the party alive by live-streaming their sessions on platforms such as TikTok and Kuaishou.

DJs livestream in China Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Rae Jessica | 17th March 2020

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