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Wired Music Festival 2019

September 7th - 8th, 2019 | Aichi Sky Expo, Japan

提醒所有愛好音樂的粉絲們! Wired音樂節將舉行5週年紀念的盛典,其中包括各種流派。邀請世界的表演者到全球各地旅行,敬請期待這從EDM到搖滾樂的跳tone領域,整天從早到晚不間斷的就是要帶給您這一生中最難忘的表演啊!

這舞台已經準備好等著你來狂歡!快點帶上你的朋友們來享受這個非凡的體驗,還能和Wired Productions的EDM烏托邦中最出色的人們更進一步的接觸呢。

Wiz Khalifa

+Many more

Photo ID Check:
For those who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages, photo ID check will take place. After ID check, you will be given a wrist band to put on.

———Acceptable Photo ID———
Driver’s License
Residence Card
My Number Card (Individual Number Card)
Handicapped person’s passbook
Juki Card

*Note: All must be Picture ID.

———Unacceptable Photo ID———
Copied ID
Student ID
Birth Certificate

This festival will be held over many hours. Please make sure to take care of your own health/physical condition.

Please make sure to bring your photo ID as we will check your date of birth upon entering for those who wish to drink alcoholic beverages.

One ticket admits one person only to the event. (Every guest who is in junior high school or older is required to have a ticket.)

Children (those who are in elementary school or younger) must be accompanied by a guardian. One child per guardian is admitted free of charge. The second child onward must purchase a ticket for admission. Some areas of the venue are kept off limits to children who are in junior high school or younger, including the front part of the standing area since it can be very dangerous. Those children who are found in the restricted area will be asked to move to a different area. No baby strollers are allowed in the venue for any purposes other than transporting infants/toddlers.

No re-entry to the festival venue is allowed after entering.

No food or alcoholic drinks are allowed to be brought into the venue.

Only filming with a mobile phone camera is permitted inside the venue. Filming and recording of performing artists by the other filming or recording devices is strictly prohibited. In case we find you doing such activity, we shall confiscate the devices and ask you to leave. Please note that offenders may be handed over to police depending on the action of the offender.

Selfie sticks, flag poles, or any other rod-shaped items are not allowed.

Action cameras are also prohibited.

The use or carrying of whistles, vuvuzela, or any other musical instruments is prohibited.

Due to the nature of the event, performers are subject to change. Please kindly note that no ticket refunds, etc., associated with a change or cancellation of performers will be made.

Please use public transportation to the venue due to the capacity of the venue parking. Please make sure not to drink and drive in case you drive to and from the venue.

No clothing that is contrary to public order or morality as well as to the law such as public indecency (ex: overexposure of tattoo which is not appropriate for the event) are permitted.

No chewing gums is allowed in the venue from a cleanliness point of view.
Please note our security staff will do a security check of your belongings at the entrance.

Regardless of the reason, we will not reissue in the case of a broken/ lost wristband.

Please be sure to use the designated smoking area when smoking. Use of lighter or match outside the smoking area is totally prohibited.

The promoter, the venue, and the performers assume no responsibility for any accidents, incidents, and injuries that occur inside or outside the venue, so please participate at your own risk. In case illicit entry is revealed, we will ask you to leave without any additional reason. Moreover, we might hand the offender over to police and make a claim for damages.

Inside the venue, official filming and recording crew/staff will be working for archiving, news gathering and reporting, media publication of the sponsors, and marketing activity of supporting companies. By entering, you acknowledge there might be cases in which your appearance is published in some pictures and videos.

We strictly prohibit members of criminal organizations, anti-social organization members and related persons, drunken people, as well as those who are unsuitable for atmosphere of the event from entering to our site.

Regardless of whether they are legal or illegal, the use or possession of drugs including hazardous ones is strictly prohibited. We will report to the police immediately upon discovery.

For those who do not follow the instruction of our staff or become a nuisance to other guests inside or outside the venue, no other reason is necessary for us to ask you to leave. In that case, no ticket refund will be made.

Sleeping outside around the venue is not allowed at any cost.

In case that the event is called off due to a natural disaster or any other inevitable reason, please kindly note that ticket refunds will not be made.

Transfer or resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. In case admission as a result of such activity is discovered, we shall take appropriate measures.

No compensation for traveling expenses to and from the venue (including cancellation charge), in association with cancellation/postponement of the event, will be made.

All personal information obtained during the ticket reservation and purchase shall belong to the event organizer.

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