We Are Connected TAIPEI! 2018

Dec 16, 2018
Dajia Riverside Park, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan View on Map

We Are Connected TAIPEI! 2018

We Are Connected Festival has bounced around to different locations over the years from Myanmar to India and Taiwan, spreading the message of connectivity. We are Connected brings a new twist to the event with the introduction of DJ CNNCT – an interactive performance combining electronic music along with sound & lighting FX into a dazzling spectacle!

In the digital age, there are less than six degrees of separation to connect with people in any corner of the world. This festival aims to strengthen and facilitate those connections between artists and fans by introducing the opportunity of a lifetime for fans to have a “meet and greet” with internationally famous DJs Firebeatz and Alesso.

We Are Connected Festival has an ethos that truly embodies the growing worldwide festival culture spilling over into all parts of Asia.

“The world is big, and we are all part of a huge network. Let us share our love for parties, music and life. At a glance, the world is one. WE ARE all online. WE ARE a universal network. WE ARE the digital age. WE ARE the future. WE ARE CONNECTED.”

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We Are Connected TAIPEI! 2018
Taipei, Taiwan | Dec 16, 2018