Triangle Taipei

No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491, Taipei, Taiwan View on Map
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Triangle takes its name from the physical shape of the club which is relatively small compared to the other Taipei nightclubs. Despite its size, Triangle is quite famous among foreigners. Held by French people, Triangle has different theme nights depending on the days of the week (KTV night, 90s songs, 80s songs, etc). The fully stocked bar offers all types of cocktails at very reasonable prices. The student nights on Wednesdays with free entrance gathers a lot of people that will dance inside or stay outside. Despite the location of the club, the nice ambience of Maji Square really makes up for it.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday 8PM-2AM
Wednesday 10PM-4AM
Thursday 10PM-2AM
Friday-Saturday 10PM-4AM
Contact: 0933 449 874

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Triangle Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan