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star-island-singapore-2019countdown edition

Star Island Singapore – Countdown Edition 2018

十二月 31, 2018 |The Float at Marina Bay, Singapore

跨年要去哪? 來Star Island準沒錯!

來自日本的知名音樂娛樂公司—Avex將以結合音樂劇與3D環繞音效的煙火點亮新加坡的跨年夜,為2018畫下完美的句點,除此之外,這次的Star Island將有超過60分鐘的現場演出讓你高潮不斷,將為你的視覺與聽覺投下一顆絢麗的震撼彈。

活動共分為六階段,觀眾們將透過Apex’s Angels of Light引領,循序探索Star Island的完美世界,而觀眾的LED手環色彩也會因不同階段的演出而有所變化。

快來加入Star Island的行列,一起在濱海灣享受12,000發絢麗煙火的洗禮吧!

前所未見的音樂盛事,只在Star Island!

VVIP – Star suite 特級尊榮貴賓**


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Adults and Children who are 3 years old or above will require ticket to enter the event each.
  2. You must bring valid photo ID to enter the event.
  3. No professional photography or videotaping is allowed. Ipads and any other tablets are also prohibited

Purchase Terms & Conditions:

  1. Payment will be charged immediately at the time of purchase.
  2. ONLY ONE TICKET IS ALLOWED PER ATTENDEE. Multiple orders will be voided.
  3. All sales are final. Tickets cannot be altered or cancelled.
  4. All sales are subject to FESTGROUND’s privacy policy.

本活動只販售 VVIP-Star Suite票卷


Star Island Singapore 預告片

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