FG Passport

An annual passport for ALL your festivals in 2021

Access to
Unlimited Festivals

With reputable partners around the globe, FestGround estimates that 50+ festivals will be available for use through the FG Passport worldwide during the 2021 calendar year.


Get Your
Money's Worth

All it takes is to attend 2 or more festivals around the world to get your money’s worth. No need to worry about ticket tiers and increasing prices any more.

Last Minute

With partners all across the world, there is always a music festival for you! Contact your dedicated Passport Concierge to plan, book, or modify your reservation 24/7.

Need a refund?
No Problem!

If no events tick your boxes, no worries— we’re more than happy to issue a refund for blank passports.


  • Available for customers 18 years of age and over
  • Dedicated Passport Concierge to book your tickets
  • Refunds Available for all unused passes


    What is a FG Passport?
    Can I go to ALL the events listed on the Website?
    Who is the Passport for?
    How does the FG Passport work?
    Are Passports refundable?
    Can I cancel my ticket if I can’t go last minute?
    What happens if I don’t cancel my reservation but I don’t attend the event?
    Can I give away or sell my event ticket?
    How old do I have to be to purchase this FG Passport?
    For further information and qualifications, be sure to check the “TERMS & CONDITIONS” for the FG Passport.

    FG Passport Terms and Conditions

    1. FestGround GA & VIP Passports are valid only from 1st January, 2021 to 1st January, 2022.
    2. To make a reservation, FG Passport holders must contact: help@festground.com up to 14 days prior to the first date of the given event. Failure to do so in the given time frame will result in inability to process your ticket request. Ticket cancellation requests may be filed up to 7 days before the first date of the given event.
    3. Only ONE passport can be issued per person. Duplicate orders will automatically be voided under any circumstances.
    4. FG Passport is only valid for use by the original holder at time of purchase of the FG Passport product. Event tickets successfully reserved under FG Passport will be issued to the FG Passport holder’s name. Strict identification checks will be enforced at the event door to confirm that the ticket holder name corresponds with the FG Passport holder’s name and the name shown on the attendee’s valid photo ID.

      Tickets reserved under FG Passport cannot be given away, sold or transferred. Violation of any of FG Passport’s terms and conditions will result in the immediate revocation of the FG Passport without refund.
    5. Any no-show to an event will result in the immediate revocation of the FG Passport without refund. A no-show is defined as a successful reservation of a ticket but failure to attend due to any circumstance. Please be sure to contact the customer support team if you need to cancel your reservation at least 7 days before the event to avoid a no-show.
    6. Refund requests for FG Passport will be accepted until the first use of the passport. Any successful reservation of a single ticket with the FG Passport will be considered one ‘use’. Refunds will be strictly prohibited upon any no-show
    7. If the FG Passport remains unused by the expiration date (1st, January 2022), refunds will be administered minus processing fees upon receipt of a refund request. Passport holders are also free to request a refund prior to the expiration date (from 90 days after the original date of purchase). No requests for refunds will be accepted after 15th January, 2022.
    8. Requested tickets may be subject to availability due to ticket allocation limitations. Passport holders are advised to wait until confirmation that their requested tickets have been successfully reserved before making any further travel arrangements. In the case that FestGround is unable to secure the Passport holder’s requested tickets, FestGround will not be held responsible for any financial losses the Passport holder may endure.
    9. Only one-day tickets will be issued for all available events. For multi-day events, the Passport holder must make a separate reservation for each day he/she intends to attend. Tickets must be picked up each day before entry into the event.
    10. FG Passport holders MUST make a successful reservation in advance and provide the physical or digital copy of the e-ticket at the door of the event for each day of attendance. Please note the FG Passport itself will not be recognized or accepted at the door of the event.
    11. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase the FG Passport. However, please note that certain events may have a higher age restriction. If the FG Passport holder does not meet the event’s age requirement, the holder will not be able to attend that event.
    12. For each event, Passport holders must follow the terms and conditions laid down by both FestGround and the event they are attending. FestGround will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from the attendee’s failure to comply with all FestGround AND individual event terms and conditions.
    13. Other promotions cannot be applied to the purchase of the FG Passport under any circumstances.
    14. Applicable events are listed on the FestGround webpage marked clearly with the FG Passport. Events that are not marked with the stamp cannot be reserved with the FG Passport.
    15. FestGround reserves the right to amend or cancel the terms at any time.