Wonderfruit 2019

Dec 12 - 15, 2019
Pattaya, Thailand 地図で見る

You’ve heard of Burning Man, but have you heard of Wonderfruit?

Launched in December 2014, this Thai festival goes beyond the music by creating an entire pop-up city, which brings together a global community to indulge in art, music, food and more. Wonderfruit is looking to change the way that large-scale events operate, tackling the issues that can lead to devastation of the local environment and harm to surrounding communities, which is why the festival has been carbon neutral since 2017.

From stages built from upcycled trash to the ban on single-use plastics, every aspect of Wonderfruit has been meticulously planned, with sustainability acting as the driving force behind everything they do.

For 2019, on top of a banging lineup led by Four Tet, Craig Richards and Floating Points, attendees can participate in workshops and wellness activities, attend talks from guest speakers, dine on the finest local Thai cuisine or even take a trip to the onsen-inspired bath house.

There’s so much to explore at Wonderfruit, like the multitude of stages that each have their own charm, such as the Theatre Stage for live acts or the futuristic Polygon— complete with virtual-reality sound technology. Head to the Quarry after hours to catch some underground sounds, or venture into the forest and look out for the karaoke den hidden amongst the trees.

Come and join the community at Wonderfruit and experience a unique festival that’s worlds away from the usual Thailand tourism.